Teacher Highlight: Dina Gladieux

When it comes to working with technology Dina Gladieux acknowledges that she has come a long way in a short time.  Dina, who is a Math teacher from Archbold High School in Fulton County, was featured in the local newspaper recently in recognition of her use of iTunes University to publish her math lessons online.

iTunesU is a publishing system developed by Apple that allows students to view a wide range of lessons using iTunes software. Dina’s lessons are now published and available for download from iTunes University by her students or by students from around the world.
Her first foray into web publishing was an iWeb site for her Yearbook Class in the fall of 2007. Her next endeavor, undertaken in the spring of 2008, was to create a website for her students to be able to download PDFs of all her worksheets. Dina felt it was important for her students who were absent to be able to access the work and stay somewhat caught up with their classes.
In August 2008 a projector was installed in Dina’s room and she began using it to present materials to her class. In the spring of that school year she was given an “Airliner” to play with and was introduced to the Smart Notebook Software.
Last year, Dina began creating all of her lessons in Smart Notebook and presenting using the Airliner to her classes. At the urging of Brent Gnagey, district technology coordinator, she began to also record some of her lessons using the Smart Recorder software, which comes installed with the Smart Software. By November of 2009, she was recording all her lessons and making the movies available on her class website.
Fast forward to this year, Dina received a SmartBoard in her room and continued to record all her lessons using Smart Recorder. Later on that semester, Gnagey again approached her with an idea to publish her lessons on iTunesU. She readily agreed and she began with his assistance to publish her content to a worldwide audience.
Dina acknowledges that she has had quite a steep learning curve. She did a lot of “Learning by doing” and there have been a few mistakes along the way. She is now fine-tuning her lesson recording process to make the movies better suited to publishing on iTunesU. In the end she thinks that the experience was “very beneficial”, her students are able to access her lessons online and she has learned a great deal along the way.