District Contacts

Anthony Wayne Local Schools Dr. Jim Fritz 419-877-5377  
Archbold-Area Local Schools Aaron Rex 419-445-5579 1801
Ayersville Local Schools Don Diglia 419-395-1111 x400  
Bryan City Schools Diana Savage 419-636-6973 #636-6200
Central Local Schools Vicki Brunn 419-658-2808 #658-1223
Defiance City Schools Michael Struble 419-782-0070 1806
Edgerton Local Schools Kermit Riehle 419-298-2112 1807
Edon Northwest Local Schools Anthony Stevens 419-272-3213 x1024 1808
ESC of Lake Erie West Sandra Frisch 419-245-4150 1816
Evergreen Local Schools Jim Wyse 419-644-3521 x1132 1809
Fayette Local Schools Erik Belcher 419-237-2573 1811
Four County Career Center Tim Meister 419-267-3331 x2210 1810
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools Keith Countryman 419-542-7665 #542-5270
Holgate Local Schools Kelly Meyers 419-264-5141 1813
Lake Local Schools Jim Witt 419-661-6690 1814
Liberty Center Local Schools Dr. Tod Hug 419-533-5011 1803
Maumee City Schools Todd Cramer 419-893-3200 1817
Millcreek West Unity Schools Larry Long 419-924-2365 x2322 1818
Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Dr. Jamison Grime 419-485-3186 1819
Mount Gilead Jeff Thompson 419-946-1646 x5005  
Napoleon Area City Schools Dr. Steve Fogo 419-599-7015 1820
Northeastern Local Schools James Roach 419-497-2621 1822
North Central Local Schools Bill Hanak 419-737-2392  
North Olmsted Dr. Michael Zalar 440-779-3584  
NwOESC Kerri Gearhart 567-444-4800 1823
Oregon City Schools Hal Gregory 419-693-0661 1824
Otsego Local Schools Adam Koch 419-823-4381 1825
Ottawa Hills Local Schools Dr. Kevin Miller 419-536-6371 x300 1826
Patrick Henry Local Schools Thomas Taylor 419-274-5451 1827
Penta Career Center Ron Matter 419-666-1120 1828
Pettisville Local Schools Dr. Stephen Switzer 419-446-2705 1829
Pike Delta York Local School Ted Haselman 419-822-3391  
River Valley James Peterson   740-725-5430  
Rossford Exempted Village Schools Dan Creps 419-666-2010  
Springfield Local Schools Dr. Michael O'Shea 419-867-5605 1800
Stryker Local Schools Nate Johnson 419-682-4591 1831
Swanton Local Schools Jeff Schlade 419-826-7085 1833
Sylvania City Schools Dr. Adam Fineske 419-885-7900 1834
Washington Local Schools Dr. Susan Hayward 419-473-8220 1832
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Larry Brown 419-335-6616 1835
Wood County ESC Kyle Kanuckel 419-354-9010 1836
Anthony Wayne Local Schools Kerri Johnson 419-877-5377
Archbold-Area Local Schools Chris Ziegler 567-444-4393
Ayersville Local Schools Abby Sharp 419-395-1111 x403
Bryan City Schools Rob Rosswurm 419-633-6204
CCNO Tonya Justus 419-428-3800
Central Local Schools Kerry Samples 419-658-2808 x1228
Defiance City Schools Cheryl Swisher 419-782-9452
Edgerton Local Schools Bill Blakely 419-298-2410 x1014
Edon Northwest Local Schools Deb Nester 419-272-3213 x1023
ESC Lake Erie West Rich Cox 419-246-3075
Evergreen Local Schools Denise Leu 419-644-3521 x1134
Fayette Local Schools Kelly Bentley 419-237-2573 x1403
Four County Career Center Connie Nicely 419-267-2226
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools Melissa Tope 419-542-8275
Holgate Local Schools Kent Seemann 419-264-5141 x324
Lake Local Schools Jeff Carpenter 419-661-6673
Liberty Center Local Schools Jenell Buenger 419-533-5011 x5100
Maumee City Schools Paul Brotzki 419-893-3200 x203
Millcreek West Unity Schools Traci Thompson 419-924-2365 x2378
Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Carla Rice 419-485-6706
Napoleon Area City Schools Mike Bostelman 419-599-7015
North Olmsted Robert Matson 440-779-3551
North-Central Local Schools Eric Smeltzer 419-737-2392 x5209
Northeastern Local Schools Sue Garmyn 419-497-9923
NwOESC Homer Hendricks 567-444-4806 x4697
Oregon City Schools Jane Fruth 419-693-0661 x3289
Otsego Local Schools Steve Carroll 419-823-4381
Ottawa Hills Local Schools Bradley Browne 419-536-2755 x306
Patrick Henry Local Schools Breanna Snyder 419-274-5966
Penta Career Center Carrie Herringshaw 419-666-6355
Perrysburg Schools Pam Harrington 419-874-9131
Pettisville Local Schools Chris Lee 419-446-2705 x1134
Pike-Delta-York Local Schools Matt Feasel 419-822-3381 x5103
Rossford Exempted Village Schools James Rossler 419-666-2010
Springfield Local Schools Ryan Lockwood 419-867-5600
Stryker Local Schools Jill Peters 419-682-6961 x106
Swanton Local Schools Joyce Kinsman 419-826-7575
Sylvania City Schools Lisa Shanks 419-824-8520
Washington Local Schools Jeffery Fouke 419-473-8223
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Dave Fleming 419-335-6616 x2009
Wood County ESC Gina Fernbaugh 419-354-9010 x215
Anthony Wayne Local Schools Chris Hamady Director of Technology 419-877-5377
Archbold-Area Local Schools Lorinda Brader Technology Director 567-444-4400
Ayersville Local Schools Phil Liebrecht Technology Coordinator 419-395-1111 x503
Bryan City Schools Tom Karnes Technology Director 419-633-6273
Bryan City Schools Gary Wyse Assistant Technology Coordinator 419-633-6276
Central Local Schools Adam Singer Computer Tech Supervisor 419-658-2378
Defiance City Schools Steve Maxey Assistant Tech Coordinator 419-784-2777
Defiance City Schools Andrew Eckhart Technology Coordinator 419-782-0070
Edgerton Local Schools Shari Saneda Technology Coordinator 419-298-2331 x7
Edon Northwest Local Schools Eric Vardinakis District Hardware Technician 419-272-3113 x1706
ESC of Lake Erie West Chad Rex School Improvement Tech Consultant 419-246-3139
ESC of Lake Erie West Scott Luebcke Asst. Technology Coordinator  
Evergreen Local Schools Angela Infante Directory of Technology 419-644-3521 x1115
Evergreen Local Schools Tony Doble Asst. Technology Coordinator 419-644-9221 x2118
Fayette Local Schools Rebecca Short Technology Coordinator 419-237-2114
Four County Career Center Curt Hedrick Technology Associate 419-267-3331 x2206
Four County Career Center Rob Williams Technology Coordinator 419-267-3331 x2252
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools Matt Hoffman Elementary Tech Coord / EMIS 419-542-7475
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools Jeff Shaffer Technology Coordinator 419-542-7636
Holgate Local Schools Heath Grim NWOCA Network System Support Specialist 419-264-5141 x401
Lake Local Schools Wes Bartlett Technology Coordinator 419-661-6686
Liberty Center Local Schools Trevor Hug Director of Technology 419-533-8606
Maumee City Schools Jason Dugan Director of Technology 419-893-8162
Millcreek West Unity Schools John Van Ausdale Technology Coordinator 419-924-2365 x2233
Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Jim Lee Technology Coordinator 419-485-6717
Napoleon Area City Schools Jared Rex Technology Coordinator 419-599-7015
North-Central Local Schools Deb Meyers Technology Director / Media Specialist 419-737-2366 x5203
Northeastern Local Schools Brenda Arps Technology Director 419-497-2621
NwOESC Kris Dobbelaere Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Planning 567-444-4649
Oregon City Schools Dawn Schiavone Director of Technology 419-693-0661 x3272
Otsego Local Schools Luke Swartz Technology Coordinator 419-823-4381 x2121
Ottawa Hills Local Schools Shane Patacca Directory of Technology 419-534-5388 x409
Patrick Henry Local Schools Dustin Ruffell Technology Coordinator 419-274-3015
Penta Career Center Caleb Grills IT Director 419-661-6467
Pettisville Local Schools Mike Zimmerman Technology Coordinator 419-446-2705 x206
Pike-Delta-York Local Schools Derek Friess Technology Coordinator 419-822-9118
River Valley Local Schools Jon Haas Technology Coordinator 740-725-5450
Rossford Exempted Village Schools Sandra Smith Technology Director 419-662-3051 x6910
Springfield Local Schools Cory Cantu Technology Director 419-867-5652
Stryker Local Schools Kirsten Meyer Elementary Tech Coordinator 419-682-2841
Swanton Local Schools Tim Vapenik Technical Assistant 419-826-3045 x2245
Swanton Local Schools Brandon Schroth Technology Director 419-826-3045 x2245
Sylvania City Schools Darren Estelle Assistant Director of Information Technology 419-824-8544
Sylvania City Schools Sheryl O'Shea Technology Coordinator 419-824-8514
Washington Local Schools Bob Gulick Director of Technology 419-473-8321
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Marcy Koenig Asst. Tech Coordinator 419-330-2004
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Curt Crew Technology Coordinator 419-330-2003
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Josh Oyer Asst. Tech Coordinator  
Wood County ESC Greg Vanvorvis
Administrative Assistant/Prevention Specialist
419-354-9010 x211
Anthony Wayne Local Jamie Deighton 419-877-5377
Archbold Area Ronda Lovejoy 419-446-2727
Ayersville Local Troy Merillat 419-395-1111 x104
Bryan City Jane Whisler 419-636-6973
Bucyrus Felecia Ervin 419-562-4045 x3231
Central Local Eva Mavis 419-658-2378 x4241
Defiance City Sarah Sennebogen 419-782-0070 x280
Edgerton Local Heather Timbrook 419-298-2332 x1419
Edon Northwest Local Kris Dulle 419-272-3213 x1022
ESC of Lake Erie West Sharon Romp 419-309-7197
Evergreen Local DeeAnn Simmons 419-644-2951 x1114
FCCC Tami Kunesh 419-267-3331
Gorham Fayette Local Amy Hibbard 419-237-2114
Hicksville Ex. Vil. Matt Hoffman 419-542-7636
Holgate Local Jenalee Niese 419-264-5141
Lake Local Hollie Parsons 419-661-6696
Liberty Center Local Ruth Niese 419-533-5011
Maumee City Debbie Eyre 419-893-3200
Millcreek-West Unity Karen Kuney 419-924-2368
Montpelier Ex. Vil. Yoli Saneholtz 419-485-6733
Mount Gilead Jennifer Mills 419-946-1646 x5005
Napoleon City Gwenn Maas 419-599-7015
Northeastern Local Veronica Neuwirth 419-497-3461
North Central Becky Eustace 419-737-3402
North Olmsted Amy Younglas 440-779-3584
Oregon City Dave Copsey 419-693-0661 x3308
Otsego Local Lisa Austin 419-823-4381
Ottawa Hills Local Susan Wilson 419-534-5376
Patrick Henry Sherrie Harris 419-274-3431
Penta Career Center Brooke Click 419-666-6370
Pettisville Local Jackie Weirauch 419-446-2705
Pike-Delta-York Hayley Brown 419-822-3391 x5101
River Valley Lynne Miley 740-725-5430
Rossford Nancy Holleran 419-662-3051 x2
Springfield Local Kristie Chandler 419-867-5742
Stryker Local Nikki DeGroff 419-682-6961
Swanton Local Ashley Stambaugh 419-826-7085
Sylvania City Tammy Mallue 419-824-8543
Washington Local Judy Williams 419-473-8238
Wauseon Ex. Vil. Jana Leininger 419-330-2002
Wood County ESC Alicia Leslie 419-354-9010
Northwest Ohio ESC Lori Burcham 567-444-4808

Community Schools

District Name Email Phone
Autism Academy of Learning Mark Lafferty 419-865-7487
Buckeye Online S.S. (B.O.S.S.) Gina Gulutz 330-385-1987 x1253
Central Academy of Ohio Nikki Awad 419-475-6620
Cincinnati Learning Peter Bidwell 951-694-3050 x240
Eagle Learning Center Rachel Kanable 419-720-2003
eCOT Ann Barnes 614-492-8884 x2119
Glass City Academy Tori Perez 419-720-6311
Horizon Science Academy (Toledo) Karen Gazis 216-298-9002 x200
Horizon Science Academy (Springfield) Karen Gazis 216-298-9002 x200
King Academy (Cinci) Laura Wright 513-421-7519
L. Hollingworth Susan Fanning 412-837-2657
Maritime Academy of Toledo Stephanie Dixon 419-244-9999
MODEL Community School Jeana Kirkendall 419-514-6889
Ohio Virtual Academy Emily Rogers 419-482-0948 x2109
Toledo School for the Arts Pam Langdon 419-246-8732
Leona Group      
Acheive Career Preparatory Wendy Ridley 419-243-8559
Discovery Academy Chantel Williams 734-652-5172
Eagle Academy Ashley Harding 419-691-4876
Northpointe Academy Anita Bass 419-244-4202
REACH Academy Ashley Harding 419-691-4876
Wildwood Environmental Academy Cheryl Chester 419-868-9885
National Heritage Academy Steve Brenner 877-223-6402

Alliance Academy (Cincinnati)
Bennett Venture Academy
North Dayton School of Discovery
Pathway School of Discovery
Winterfield Venture Academy

Apex Academy (Cleveland)
Emerson Academy of Dayton
Orion Academy (Cincinnati)
Pinnacle Academy (Cleveland)
Stambaugh Academy (Youngstown)

Anthony Wayne Local Schools Cynthia VanWey Library Media Specialist 419-877-0467
Anthony Wayne Local Schools Jessica Mead Library Media Specialist 419-877-0601
Archbold-Area Local Schools Deb Buehrer Library Staff 410-446-2727
Archbold-Area Local Schools Sandy Aeschliman Library Staff 419-446-2726
Archbold-Area Local Schools Tess Pinter Library Staff 419-445-5579
Ayersville Local Schools Alexis Arts Library Media Specialist 419-395-1111 x112
Ayersville Local Schools Mary Lou Erickson Library Staff 419-395-1111
Bryan City Schools Ann Bible Library Media Specialist 419-636-4536
Central Local Schools Sally Knapp Media, Testing, and Educational Technologist 419-658-2378
Central Local Schools Kim Dockery Library Staff 419-658-2511
Christ The King Jill O'Neal Library Media Specialist 419-475-0909 x228
Defiance City Schools Ellen Williams Library Media Specialist 419-782-0050
Defiance City Schools Jeannie Mansfield Library Media Specialist 419-784-2777
Defiance City Schools Michelle Detter Library Staff 419-785-2260
Edgerton Local Schools Melinda Cooley Library Staff 419-298-2331
Edgerton Local Schools Janet Leppelmeier Library Staff 419-298-2332
Edon Northwest Local Schools Cyndi Jewell Library / Media Staff 419-272-2839
Edon Northwest Local Schools Karen Wilson Library / Media Staff  
Evergreen Local Schools Tina Jones Library Staff 419-644-2951
Evergreen Local Schools Mary Overmyer Library Staff 419-644-9221
Fayette Local Schools Denise Jensen Library Staff    
Four County Career Center Christine Badenhop Library Media Specialist 419-267-3331 x2231
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools Christie Hoffman Library Media Specialist 419-542-7636
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools Connie Clinker Library Staff 419-542-7475
Holgate Local Schools Karen Thomas Library Staff 419-264-2521
Lake Local Schools Kelly Stickler Library Staff 419-661-6660 x3151
Lake Local Schools Cheryl Hicks Library Staff 419-661-6680 x3803
Liberty Center Local Schools Wendy Kundo Library Staff 419-533-2604
Maumee City Schools Karen Brebberman Library Media Specialist 419-893-3386
Maumee City Schools Michelle Davidson Library / Media Staff 419-893-3386
Maumee City Schools Jenny Witzler Library Staff 419-893-9821
Maumee City Schools Stephanie Bryant-McClurg Library Staff 419-893-2851
Maumee City Schools Cindy Simcox Library Staff 419-893-2201
Millcreek West Unity Schools Cherie Mercer Library Staff 419-924-2365 x2202
Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Julia Nofziger Library Staff 419-485-6700
Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Kim Thomas Library Staff 419-485-6700
Mount Gilead  Deb Logan Media Specialist 419-947-6065
Napoleon Area City Schools Sandra Lange Library Staff 419-592-2521
Napoleon Area City Schools Cori Niese Library Media Specialist 419-599-1050
North-Central Local Schools Deb Meyers Library Media Specialist 419-737-2392
Northeastern Local Schools Jo Ann Meyer Library Media Specialist 419-497-2621
Northeastern Local Schools Joetta Henry Library Staff 419-497-2361
Northeastern Local Schools Laura Reineke Library Staff 419-782-7941
Northeastern Local Schools Jane Heusi Library Staff 419-497-1022
North Olmsted City Schools Priscilla Wiles Library Media Specialist 440-779-8780
Oregon City Schools Wendy Wooddall Library Media Specialist  
Otsego Local Schools Mary Gase Media Specialist 419-823-4381
Otsego Local Schools Pam Heyman Media Specialist 419-823-4381
Ottawa Hills Local Schools Rebecca McLean Library Media Specialist 419-534-5376 x383
Ottawa Hills Local Schools Alta Richter Library Staff 419-534-5388 x440
Patrick Henry Local Schools Karen Unverferth Library Staff 419-274-3015
Patrick Henry Local Schools Bonnie Rosebrock Library Staff 419-274-3431
Penta Career Center Tara Schekenberger Media Specialist 419-666-1120 x3101
Pettisville Local Schools Rachael Horning Library Staff 419-446-2705
Pike-Delta-York Local Schools Angelina Barnes Library / Media Staff 419-822-5630
Pike-Delta-York Local Schools Tracy Cole Library / Media Staff 419-822-9118
River Valley Shanna Keene Librarian 740-725-5700 x1830
Rossford Exempted Village Schools Brittany Fenderson Library Media Specialist 419-666-1174 x5420
Springfield Local Schools Ellen Barnhizer Library Media Specialist 419-867-5633 x3462
Stryker Local Schools Barb Yoder Library Media Specialist 419-682-4591
Swanton Local Schools David LaBonte Library Media Specialist 419-826-3045
Sylvania City Schools Darla Omey Library Media Specialist 419-824-8570
Washington Local Schools Brenda Crosson Library Staff 419-473-8366
Washington Local Schools Elizabeth Ziegler Library Media Specialist 419-473-8366
Washington Local Schools Kathy Crahan Library Staff 419-473-8449
Washington Local Schools Laurie Kuehnle Library Staff 410-473-8294
Washington Local Schools Victoria Maran-Ickes Library Staff 419-473-8263
Washington Local Schools Mary Hutson Library Staff 419-738-8268
Washington Local Schools Lisa Thoman Library Staff 419-473-8289
Washington Local Schools Carol Rule Library Staff 419-473-8284
Washington Local Schools Karen Remy Library Staff 419-473-8218
Washington Local Schools Sandy Traczyk Library Staff 419-473-8482
Wauseon Exempted Village LaChelle Thomas Library Staff 419-335-5756
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Auneta Herr Library / Media Staff 419-335-4000 x1145
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Gwen Wills Library Staff 419-335-2701 x1410
Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Denise Gehle Library Staff 419-335-2701 x1410