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Last First Title Department Phone Email
Babcock Toni Fiscal Services Specialist Fiscal 419-267-2503
Bachman Andrea Network Operations Supervisor NET/IT 419-267-2621
Bauer Zachary Hardware Technician NET/IT 419-267-2622
Burkholder Kate Office Manager NWOCA 419-267-2556
Butler Tammy Treasurer NBEC 419-267-2508
Freeborn Sam EMIS/Student Services Coordinator Student Services 419-267-2602
Glore Sara NWOCA Fiscal Services Project Manager Fiscal 419-267-2547
Grega Jon Technology & Instruction Integration Specialist NBEC 419-267-2576
Houck Sandy EMIS/Student Services Coordinator Student Services 419-267-2546
Hug Dr. Tod Executive Director NBEC 419-267-2500
Hughes Kristie Educational Technologist Instructional Services 419-267-2607
Instructional Services Group Line Instructional Services 419-267-2807
Juarez Ezequiel Database Administrator Student Services 419-267-2605
Lange Julianne E-Rate Specialist Instructional Services 419-267-2608
Link Katie Assistant to the Treasurer NBEC 419-267-2509
Malanga Chris

Educational Integration Specialist

Instructional Services 419-267-2544
Mansel-Pleydell John Instructional Services Supervisor Instructional Services 419-267-2541
Murry Kim INFOhio Coordinator Instructional Services 419-267-2545
Neuenschwander Angie Operations Services Coordinator NET/IT 419-267-2516
Newell Matt District Support Liaison-Bucyrus NET/IT 419-267-2568
NBEC Administrators Group Line NBEC 419-267-2801  
NBEC Treasurer Group Line NBEC 419-267-2811  
Nye Lori Support Specialist/Technical Writer Fiscal 419-267-2571
Oberlin Richelle Fiscal Services Coordinator Fiscal 419-267-2531
Prchlik Joe Director of Operations & Technology NET/IT 419-267-2515
Redinger Gene Network System Support Specialist NET/IT 419-267-2513
Rellinger Brad IT Services Project Manager NET/IT 419-267-2527
Rex Chad District Services Coordinator NET/IT 419-267-2529
Ross Pat Superintendent of NOVA NOVA 419-670-3646    
Schmucker Stephanie Support Specialist/Technical Writer Fiscal 419-267-2572  
Shively Ryan Student Services Supervisor Student Services 419-267-2603
Stambaugh Lacy EMIS/Student Services Coordinator Student Services 419-267-2510
Student Services Group Line Students Services 419-267-2803  
Taylor Sean EMIS/Student Services Coordinator Student Services 419-267-2612
Tibbits Alex Network System Support Specialist NET/IT 419-267-2625
Wahl Jodi EMIS/Student Services Coordinator Student Services 419-267-2535
Whisler Jane EMIS/Student Services Coordinator Student Services 419-267-2530
Hardware HelpDesk Group Line NET/IT 419-267-2804

Administrative Group Lines: NBEC (419-267-2801) Treasurer (419-267-2811)

  Name   Title Phone Email
Robin Pfund Photo Dr. Tod Hug   Executive Director 419-267-2500
Joe Prchlik Photo Joe Prchlik   Director of Operations and Technology 419-267-2515
Tammy Butler Photo Tammy Butler   Treasurer 419-267-2508
Katie Link Photo Katie Link   Assistant to the Treasurer 419-267-2509
Kate Burkholder Photo Kate Burkholder   Office Manager 419-267-2556

Fiscal Services Group Lines: Payroll (419-267-2808) Fiscal (419-267-2809) WebGAAP (419-267-2813)

Title Phone
Toni Babcock Toni Babcock Fiscal Services Specialist 419-267-2503
Sara Glore Sara Glore NWOCA Fiscal Services Project Manager 419-267-2547
Richelle Oberlin Lori Nye Support Specialist/Technical Writer 419-267-2571   
Richelle Oberlin Richelle Oberlin Fiscal Services Coordinator 419-267-2531
Richelle Oberlin Stephanie Schmucker Support Specialist/Technical Writer 419-267-2572

Instructional Services Group Line: (419-267-2807)

  Name Title Phone Email
Kristie Hughes Kristie Hughes Educational Technologist 419-267-2607
Julianne Lange Julianne Lange E-Rate Specialist 419-267-2608
Chris Malanga Chris Malanga Educational Integration Specialist 419-267-2544
John Mansel-Pleydell John Mansel-Pleydell Instructional Services Supervisor 419-267-2541
Kim Murry Kim Murry INFOhio Coordinator 419-267-2545

Hardware Group Line: (419-267-2804)

  Name Title Phone Email
Andrea Bachman Andrea Bachman Network Operations Supervisor 419-267-2621
  Zachary Bauer Hardware Technician 419-267-2622
Ezequiel Juarez

Ezequiel Juarez

Database Administrator


Matt Newell Matt Newell District Support Liaison 419-267-2568
Angie Neuenschwander Angie Neuenschwander Operations Services Coordinator 419-267-2516
Joe Prchlik Joe Prchlik Director of Operations & Technology 419-267-2515
Gene Redinger Gene Redinger Network System Support Specialist 419-267-2513
Brad Rellinger Brad Rellinger IT Services Project Manager 419-267-2527
Chad Rex Picture Chad Rex District Services Coordinator 419-267-2529
Alex Tibbits Alex Tibbits Network System Support Specialist 419-267-2625

Student Services Group Line: (419-267-2803)

  Name Title Phone Email
Sam Freeborn Sam Freeborn EMIS/Student Services Coordinator 419-267-2602
Sandy Houck Sandy Houck EMIS/Student Services Coordinator 419-267-2546
Ryan Shively Ryan Shively Student Services Supervisor 419-267-2603
Ryan Shively Lacy Stambaugh EMIS/Student Services Coordinator 419-267-2510
Sean Taylor Sean Taylor EMIS/Student Services Coordinator 419-267-2612
Jodi Wahl Jodi Wahl EMIS/Student Services Coordinator 419-267-2535
Jodi Wahl Jane Whisler EMIS/Student Services Coordinator 419-267-2530

SSDT Group Lines: State Software Technical (419-267-2805) OECN/CSSR (419-267-2809) EMIS (419-267-2810)


  Name Title Phone Email
Catherine Aldrich System Engineer 419-267-2552
Jodi Becher USAS Project Manager 419-267-2542
  Zach Belknap Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2573  
Andrea Boehm Support Specialist/Technical Writer 419-267-2543
Matt Calmes Programming Services Director 419-267-2617
  Tom Custer Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2574  
Marc Davis Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2627
Michelle Drewes

State Software Support Supervisor

Robin Fronk Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2522
Zack Hauck Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2514  
Andy Hoiles Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2610
  Justin Kleinknecht Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2609  
Jason Klinger Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2511
Haley Miller Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2504
Kyle Miller Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2538
Lori Miller Support Specialist/Technical Writer 419-267-2501
Kim Olson Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2614
Wendy Root Senior Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2606
Greg Shepherd Programmer/Analyst 419-267-2626
Teresa Williams SSDT Special Projects Manager 419-267-2613