Professional Development and Group Training

Professional development and group training is arranged by contacting the Professional Learning Group in advance of your desired professional development date. A month in advance is recommended. Training can be on a range of topics as determined by district planning priorities.

We have a variety of professional learning sessions that we regularly provide for educators, and given enough lead time we can develop new coursework based on individual district needs.

Take a look at the current offerings section below to see what sessions other districts have been requesting. We offer several new types of delivery which are also described in the sections below.

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What Does A Group Training Look Like?

There are several ways the PLG can configure a group training/professional development event for your staff. We will consult with you to best design an event that tailored to your specific professional development needs and goals. Below are a few of the group training configurations that we have offered and facilitated for schools and organizations.

Formal Presentation

This is your standard, one topic event where staff gather together in a lecture hall, auditorium or other space and are presented with information on the topic. Resources for further exploration or development can be made available for anyone wishing to pursue further exploration of the topic on their own.

These sessions are ideal for introducing new topics such as Artificial Intelligence to your staff.


This type of training involves elements of a formal presentation but is based around staff working on a product, task or application with the guidance of our training experts. Examples could include learning how to organize and set up your Google Drive and Gmail accounts, creating digital escape rooms and choice boards or even learning to create content using Canva or other digital creation applications. This is a higher level of engagement for your staff.

Tech Buffet

This is our most popular type of training. If you have a half or full day set aside for professional development consider a tech buffet concept. We will work with you to provide multiple sessions in a variety of topics and help you set up a schedule that will allow your staff to pick the specific sessions that are of interest to them. Below is a sample of what a schedule could look like.




AI - The Power of Good

Work Smarter, Not Harder

AI - The Power of Good

Organize Your Digital Life

The Many Modes of Google Forms

Become a Google Classroom Ninja

Positivity Unleashed

30 Tech Tips

Canva - The Tool That Can Do Everything

Blended Learning

This type of group training combines elements from presentations and workshops along with our online course platform, The Ohio Learning Community. This option would be ideal for more in-depth or long term professional development goals such as completing the Google Certified Educator program or becoming proficient with using artificial intelligence tools in your every day classroom planning and lesson facilitation.

What Else?

We are here to service your professional development and training needs. If you come to us with a specific request, we can find a way to make it happen for you. We have been involved in all kinds of activities including summer tech camps, new staff onboarding programs and assistance with developing student tech curriculum.

Is There a Cost?

Most districts in the 6 county area of NW Ohio are members of the Northern Buckeye Education Council. Members receive professional development at no additional cost. View our list of member districts to see if your district is included.

If your school is not a member we can contract with you to provide all our training and professional development at very competitive rates.

Available Trainings

Need something else? Just let us know. We are always looking to create new professional development sessions and group trainings on just about any topic you feel would be valuable to your staff.

Don't just take our word for it, here are some words from teachers, administrators and other customers of the NBEC.

Thank you so much for your presentation this morning. This was one of the most beneficial PD days I have ever attended. Thank you for your time and for helping us spread positivity to our students! I really appreciate how helpful and patient you are.

Mackenna Whitacre  

   Archbold Middle School Teacher