Managed Services

Northern Buckeye Education Council is a managed service provider that focuses on technology as a utility.

Northern Buckeye's utility model, known as "Technology as a Utility," offers a beneficial solution for governmental agencies. Agencies require access to computing and network capabilities to support their administrative needs. However, not all organizations have the resources, expertise, or budget to invest in and maintain their infrastructure.

By adopting utility as a service, agencies can leverage Northern Buckeye's infrastructure technology solutions. This approach eliminates the need for entities to invest in expensive hardware or bear the burden of ongoing maintenance and management. Instead, they can access the required computing resources and network capabilities as a service, similar to how one receives utilities like electricity or water.

This model enables governmental agencies to focus on their core mission of public service, free from the complexities of infrastructure management. Moreover, it ensures entities have access to up-to-date technology and resources without the hassle of frequent hardware upgrades or maintenance. This advantage is particularly significant in the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology.

computers on a desk