Tech Coaching

Technology coaching is available by appointment with one of our our staff members. Teachers, administrators and other district employees can book a time with a coach to go over technology questions. Teachers can get help with integration of technology into their instruction, while other staff can get help with a problem. Tech coaching is available both in-person and virtually.

In Person Tech Coaching

In person tech coaching sessions generally run 30 minutes and are timed to coincide with teachers' planning periods. A contact person at your school will arrange with a Northern Buckeye educational technologist for a date or dates when tech coaching days will be held. Teachers sign up for time slots on a shared Google Sheet document.

Contact the Northern Buckeye Professional Learning Group to schedule a tech coaching day.

Virtual Tech Coaching

Virtual tech coaching allows you to receive one-on-one training and troubleshooting. It allows us to meet online in Zoom, at your convenience. You can share your screen with the trainer so that he or she can see exactly what you are seeing, and help you. Like in-person coaching, sessions generally run 30 minutes.

You can schedule a virtual coaching session with one of our trainers below. Click on the images to go to the individual coach's booking page.

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John Mansel-Pleydell

This is an included service for full members of the Northern Buckeye Education Council. If your institution is not a full member, we have competitive rates for this service.