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Professional Learning Group (PLG)

PLG is Northern Buckeye's department for tech-based training and professional development. Our team consults and designs custom training for teachers, students, and school district officials. From integrating technology devices to enhancing instruction with applications, we ensure high fluency in the ever-changing world of educational technology. Additionally, we offer a range of support for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) integration, fostering creativity and innovation in education.

Free to Member Districts

If your district is a member of Northern Buckeye then all the services below are available to you at no additional cost. Teachers, Administrators and support staff can all take advantage of our training and coaching services.

Not sure if your district is a member? Check this list.


Premium Services

The following services are available to any district in the state of Ohio at a contracted competitive rate.

The PLG Team

The PLG team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in the fields of education and technology. Our members hold certifications in various education technology, STEAM, and information systems platforms. Additionally, three of our staff members are licensed educators by the Ohio Department of Education, bringing over 30 years of valuable classroom experience to the team.

Committed to excellence, the PLG is a dedicated group of professionals focused on delivering outstanding workshops and professional development opportunities for you, your staff, and students.

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