TFT - K Hughes 2

In a previous Tech Tip, I wrote about Google AutoDraw, which is a Google A.I. experiment that can assist you with drawing things. You draw a little bit and it gives you suggestions of the item it thinks you are drawing. Once you find the item, you can click to change your drawing into the appropriate item.

This time I am going to write about another Google A.I. drawing tool, but it is more like Pictionary. It is called Google Quick Draw.

Go to Quick Draw

This website is so fun. With Google’s artificial intelligence, it tells you to draw an item, and you have 20 seconds to draw it. If Google’s A.I. guesses it, then you get credit for that item. If Google doesn’t guess it, then you get it wrong. You get to draw six items each round. 

Visit the website and click on the button Let’s Draw to get started. 

In this example, Google is telling you to draw a tractor. If Google’s AI guesses your drawing in under 20 seconds, you get credit. If not, then you get it wrong. Click the Got It! button to get started drawing.  

Use your mouse or trackpad to draw. At the end, your screen will show all six items and indicate whether you got them correct or not. 

This is a great game to play for any age level! You can play it on your own or take turns with a partner.