April 5, 2022

Are you looking for a fun way to bring creative writing to life? Story Dice is a free, web based story idea generator that you can access for your students or yourself. This simple idea generator functions as a random generator with more than 50 different dice images. They can be used in groups of 5 or 9 dice.

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“As well as being a fun diversion for parents and kids, this is also a handy tool for writers looking for inspiration to create their own story ideas. As a creative exercise, it’s a brilliant way of giving your imagination a workout. And because your imagination is where your ideas come from, that’s a great mental muscle to flex. The more practice you put into turning the prompts into stories, the better you will get at storytelling and articulating your own ideas.”

How to use Story Dice

The concept is to simply use the dice as a map that leads you through your story adventure. You can either write your story moving from left to right or swap the order around if you are having difficulty putting the concepts together.

There can also be the freedom to use the images to represent more than they might appear to be. The bicycle above might simply be a bicycle or it could represent a journey, a vehicle, travel on your own… The options are endless.

This can help move the writer from concrete concepts/images to concepts that explore new words and ideas. The goal is to nudge your thinking into new directions.

Here are some ideas of when to use this story idea generator from Dave Birss:

  • As a regular creative exercise to develop your storytelling abilities
  • As a warm-up creative exercise in a group idea-generation session
  • As a game to entertain children and help them develop their imaginations
  • As a creative prompt to inspire your writing
  • As a tool to build proficiency in a foreign language
Happy Writing!